Hurricane Relief

Being centered in tropical South Florida has a lot of perks for our type of work, we can work all year round and the soil is good. Unfortunately with perks comes consequences, in most recent cases: Hurricanes. Florida has been hit with some historic hurricanes in the past 100 years, destroying farmland, homes, and even entire towns as they blow over the Sunshine State. Most recently we survived what has been documented as the largest hurricane to make landfall in United States History, and while Florida fared better than predicted, disaster still struck, leaving millions without power, ran thousands from their homes, and left hundreds homeless, not including residents of the historic Florida Keys, who were hit hardest by the devastation.

We have always been about lending a hand to our surrounding areas, using our variety of equipment and personnel to assist where we can in restoring Florida back to normalcy. Large debris cleanup, dock rebuilding and marine restoration are just a few of the services we provide in this area.

Pictured is a flooded area we are dewatering after Hurricane Irma 2017.


Our experience with managing large tracts of land for agricultural development and production, where smaller margins and efficiency is key, has taught us that it is important to get the quality and work right the first time, but more importantly, do it efficiently.

At BGC, we subscribe to Profile Products 5 Keys to Establishing Vegetation:

1. Understand the Substrate – We soil test to determine soil pH, nutrient levels, and organic matter to ensure sustainable

2. Pick the Right Plant Species – We select plant species by site depending on intended use, maintenance expectations, and
environmental conditions.

3. Select the Correct Erosion Control Practice – We follow Profile’s Green Design Engineering™ Triangle to select the best.
product based on effectiveness, longevity, and vegetation establishment.

4. Ensure Proper Installation – We install products based on the manufacturer’s specification.

5. Conduct Inspection and Maintenance Activities – Our inspections only begin when we have completed a project. The
obvious post-installation inspection occurs; however, we routinely and regularly visit our past sites to ensure proper
vegetation establishment and erosion control effectiveness. These inspections occur at predetermined intervals and after
significant weather events.



Grove Management

Harvesting over 4 million boxes of Florida fruit annually for clients, including 3 million cases of fresh fruit as well as juice fruit, Blue Goose Growers has become south Florida’s premier full-service professional crop and grove care company. We handle all day-to-day grove operations on behalf of our clients, furnishing not only management expertise, but also labor and machinery. Our clients are assured their grove is well cared for.

Our system includes

  • Preparation of annual crop budgets and horticulture plans to control costs.
  • Disciplined yearly farm program development and execution by our full-time farm managers.
  • Annual training for our certified farm chemical handlers.
  • Regulatory and permit management and compliance for our clients.
  • Coordination of harvesting and delivery of crop to the market.
  • Timely, detailed reports and specialized accounting services for quality and cost control.
  • Interest bearing grove accounts.
  • Annual crop insurance review and implementation.
  • Short and long term plans for current grove conservation, restoration and capital improvements such as irrigation.
  • Complete peace of mind for our clients that their asset is being well taken care of and operated in a profitable manner.
  • Grove Maintenance and Development
  • Our 50 years of crop management experience include developing some of the most aggressive program disciplines in nutrition, pest control and water management available in the industry today to produce high quality fresh crops required by international markets. Blue Goose Growers expertise is not only in maintaining existing groves, but also in developing new groves. The company has coordinated and managed the permits, construction and planting of thousands of grove acres from Native Florida scrubland and pasture.


See more about our Grove Management Services >> 


The survey department at Blue Goose Construction is led by Bryan C. Smith, a state licensed professional surveyor and mapper. Mr. Smith will coordinate with superintendents and engineers to translate plans and ideas into precise construction.

Our Surveying department provides high quality images from our sites, which leads to better project preparation and a greater knowledge of what we have to work with at each site. Following throughout project completion, our team does everything from taking aerial photographs, orthorectifying aerial photographs, processing and printing, for each of our construction sites. This keeps clients, sub-contractors and employees up to date and working with real time data. Quad copter and fixed wing drones are used for as-builting technology and for quality assurance. Utilizing the newest technology increases our level of accuracy and surpasses the time frame required by traditional measures of Surveying. Our drones use GNSS technology to show them the way and control flight plans.

The Survey Crew at BGC utilizes a Topcon GLS 2000, 3d long range laser scanner, for Topography and As-builts. This data also assists us in value engineering and design. We also use multiple GPS RTK rovers, for staking and as-builting. BGC sets GPS base stations at our sites and uses machine control in our machines to grade and excavate by design. Using machine control increases the speed and accuracy of the earth work.

Our Surveying team offers the following professional services:
– Drone Surveying
– Scanning
– GPS Mapping and Information
– Estimating
– Volumetric Analysis
– Basic Surveying
– Progress Photos
– Aerial Maps


In the Shop

We give home to a variety of equipment and tools, doing in house repairs on all our equipment and often fabricating what we need in our shop. We take pride in our unique abilities, from our long reach excavators to our vast amount of talented staff working to make every project a success.


In the Shop

North Hutchinson Island Waste Water Treatment Plant

Here, we did an expansion of the wastewater treatment plant as a sub-contractor for the Summit Group. Our work included the demolition of existing drainage, Odor Control system, installation of Floating Aerators, and Metal buildings. Digester covers a distribution channel, piping and Nitrate Pumps were all added. The Construction of an asphalt parking area, drainage, all piping necessary to support two Clarifiers, covered Aerobic Digesters, and a Reuse tank allowed for smooth pumping. Reject tanks, Disc filters, a Lime Slurry Tank and a Control/Blower Bldg were all also installed, all of which improved effluent water quality which allowed the plant to treat a larger amount of waste water per day. This allowed the plant to run more efficiently and doubled the volume of treated waste water pumping to a nearby golf course for irrigation purposes.

Eau Gaullie River

This particular area of the Indian River proves to be a scenic waterway for home owners looking for that perfect waterfront property. The issue with the Eau Gaullie river is to much sediment proving problematic for small boats to navigate the channel. The sediment has killed life in the river and became a problem for the locals. We are currently working on dredging muck and inserting a discharge pipeline, hoping to open the waterways up and filter the water, providing a better environment for marine life and a better boating experience. We plan on dewatering and creating polishing ponds for the pipeline to discharge to and work is well underway.


Hammond Mine

An important part of any successful site starts with the material used for project completion. Here at Blue Goose we pride ourselves on our use of natural resources and locally collected material to better the development of each project we encounter. At our Hammond Mine location, our team can be found working the pit to pull a variety of materials out for relocation and use. Recently, sand from this mine was hauled to the coast in assistance to a locally loved beach for restoration after a number of tropical storms and hurricanes wiped out a majority of the coastline.

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