Eau Gaullie River

This particular area of the Indian River proves to be a scenic waterway for home owners looking for that perfect waterfront property. The issue with the Eau Gaullie river is to much sediment proving problematic for small boats to navigate the channel. The sediment has killed life in the river and became a problem for the locals. We are currently working on dredging muck and inserting a discharge pipeline, hoping to open the waterways up and filter the water, providing a better environment for marine life and a better boating experience. We plan on dewatering and creating polishing ponds for the pipeline to discharge to and work is well underway.


Hammond Mine

An important part of any successful site starts with the material used for project completion. Here at Blue Goose we pride ourselves on our use of natural resources and locally collected material to better the development of each project we encounter. At our Hammond Mine location, our team can be found working the pit to pull a variety of materials out for relocation and use. Recently, sand from this mine was hauled to the coast in assistance to a locally loved beach for restoration after a number of tropical storms and hurricanes wiped out a majority of the coastline.

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C-43 Reservoir

One of our main projects going on right now is with the state, we are working with the South Florida Water Management District in construction of the C-43 Reservoir/STA storm water treatment area and dam. Here, our duty consists of clearing, grubbing, demolition of 492 acres of existing citrus grove and natural landscape as well as the construction of 7 preloaded mounds 50 feet above the existing elevation.
Other elements of work include dewatering using perimeter ditch, riprap placement with filter fabric, providing and installing shell rock, grassing, culvert installation and construction of an office compound.


Relevancy: Heavy Equipment, Material Supply, Sod Installation, Ditch Bank Moving, Culvert Placement, Stump Grinding and Heavy Vegetation Control.




C-44 Reservoir / STA Project

One of our more massive projects is underway in Martin County, the C-44 Reservoir is a multi-phase water management project dedicated to protecting the St. Lucie Estuary by filtering and cleaning water before it flows through the connecting canal and then into the St. Lucie River.
Working closely with the South Florida Water Management District the C-44 has proven to be our largest project yet, with nearly 200 pieces of equipment working to move nearly 17 million cubic yards of earth.
The completion for this project will not only clean and filter water in the Estuary but will also help protect the various Marine Environments and species. Site work for the C-44 Reservoir/STA Storm Water Treatment Area consists of the construction of 32 miles of STA levees/berms; 30 miles of distribution, collection, and drainage canals as well as 6,300 acres of clearing and STA cell interior grading. Utilization of 60’+ long reach excavators, LPG dozers, 9000 series tractors with pans, and drones, all equipped with GPS, allow for safe, precise production and as-built surveys. Through the implementation of creative sequencing for men and machines, over 2 and a half miles of Milestone 1 levee was completed on schedule. We finished by removing/remediating, tracking, and relocating 500,000 cubic yards of impacted soil from 26 separate locations 6 months ahead of the initial contract schedule, while meeting all other milestone activities.