Historical Construction Activities and Projects

Below are some snapshots of various projects and activities work on by Blue Goose Construction. Most images were shot by Larry Tarr (© 2012 Blue Goose Construction, All Rights Reserved).

Platt’s Creek Wetland Midigation Project

On this site, it was BGC’s duty to construct 47.87 acres of wetland mitigation within a span of 80.66 acres.   It assists with regulatory wetland mitigation by creating a buffer between the mitigation site and the stormwater facility while creating a freshwater marsh bottom with a protective six inch layer of muck. Designed to remove 1,200 pounds of phosphorus and 1,600 pounds of nitrogen annually, this project proved to improve water quality and more habitats for wildlife in he area, particularly wetland birds. Those 63-acre stretch of water habitat restoration and water treatment are set to improve quality of life as well, as the city has plans for hiking trails and picnic areas set in it’s future.

Read more about the cities plans here >>  TCPalm

St. Johns River Water Management District Levee

This project proved to be one of our bigger tasks, hosting multiple different parts in the course of one unified plan. We began with the construction of cofferdams, clearing, demucking, dewatering and the placement of fill to the invert elevation of the proposed gated culverts. We also had to construct a driveway to a parking lot. We excavated a navigational channel and constructed a jetty on the Fellsmere Water Management Area (FWMA) Island parcel. We moved into the installation of the three 72-inch culverts with flap gates, two concrete headwalls at 80′ x 23′ high, placing fill in lifts around culverts and  installing filter sand and riprap on the outside face of the levee for erosion protection. We excavated a channel for water egress to the FWMA.  This lead into the construction of Ditch 18, containing an extensive water control spillway structure with a tremendous amount of concrete use.  Ditch 18 is an 84” Drainage pipe in concrete grate with sluice gates and 25 foot concrete end walls.  Its purpose is to allow water to pass back and forth from Pump Station 2 in Sun Ag to the FWMA Recreation Area. This part of the project contained a huge amount of dewatering due to an excessive amount of rain fall causing high water levels that had an extreme effect on the high water table.  The Project was part of a cored Levee installation and is the sister input structure to the adjacent Pump Station 2 effluent project.  Ditch 18 structure allows as much water in as the pump station will allow out – 200,000,000 gallons per day.  The Drainage Structure is structurally anchored to the cored levee to provide for balance between influent and effluent water forces.  

Commercial Projects 4

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