North Hutchinson Island Waste Water Treatment Plant

Here, we did an expansion of the wastewater treatment plant as a sub-contractor for the Summit Group. Our work included the demolition of existing drainage, Odor Control system, installation of Floating Aerators, and Metal buildings. Digester covers a distribution channel, piping and Nitrate Pumps were all added. The Construction of an asphalt parking area, drainage, all piping necessary to support two Clarifiers, covered Aerobic Digesters, and a Reuse tank allowed for smooth pumping. Reject tanks, Disc filters, a Lime Slurry Tank and a Control/Blower Bldg were all also installed, all of which improved effluent water quality which allowed the plant to treat a larger amount of waste water per day. This allowed the plant to run more efficiently and doubled the volume of treated waste water pumping to a nearby golf course for irrigation purposes.

Florida Organic Aquaculture Road Construction

In the city of Fellsmere, we constructed an entrance drive consisting of furnishing all labor, materials, equipment and incidentals required to construct approximately 4,000 lineal feet of 22 foot wide asphalt roadway as well as two lakes, six concrete headwalls and ancillary items and more were all needed to complete this project. We worked with care and caution for the surrounding environments.

Culvert Gate Installation FWMA

Access Point One Location

St. Johns River Water Management / FWMA Reservoir

Fellsmere Florida Location

While a small job, not unimportant to us as we installed a set of Twin 72″ Drainage Easement Culverts providing access to the FWMA Public Boat Ramp along the Fellsmere Grade.

Manatee’s in Parrish, FL

FPL-Manatee-PMT Cooling Pond Swale Improvements

This job consisted of removing organic material and existing sand from approximately 10,000 Linear Feet of cooling pond swale for improvements to the surrounding environments. Dewatering was required to remove excess water before and after the muck was removed. Fresh filter course sand material was then placed in the prepared swale and graded and sloped to allow for proper drainage.  Work was accomplished with success and without incident in an ‘exclusion zone’ of a high hazard dam. This project was completed in the best interests of gentle giants found in Florida’s warm coastal waters.

Read more about FPL’s work with Manatee preservation >> FPL|Environment

Moore’s Creek Ft. Pierce

-Subcontractor to Lucas Marine Construction-

Here we installed 115,000 square feet of Armorflex ABS systems at various locations within the city’s drainage system. Our scope was to survey, install erosion control & monitor, strip undesirable material from surface area, fill voids with engineered fill and compact, grade to line and specs, place geotextile filter fabric, place ABS mats, grout around inlets and seams, grade embankment and top of slope to grade elevations, place fill into mats (blinding), & sod to conclude the project. We finished with installation of new mitered ends around existing pipe inverts.

Wellington-Littoral Shelf Excavation

In this operation it was BGC’s duty to install silt fence around perimeter of work area and excavate littoral shelf along an existing canal for environmental plantings. The shelf we created was +/- 7,000 linear feet and approximately 116,000 cubic yards giving home to approximately 33,000 wetland plant species that were later planted along the littoral shelf.

Debris Removal

-North Saint Lucie River Water Control District-

The removal of anything potentially harmful to the environment is a top priority to us, debris removal included. Near the St. Lucie river, we installed approx 1500 tons of bank & shore (12″ to 30″) type of rip rap along 450′ of Ten Mile Creek. The area was environmentally sensitive and extreme care was needed not to damage or destroy any indigenous plants. We wanted to assist in the filtering of trash to the St. Lucie River Estuary.

We also offer a number of Hurricane relief projects like dewatering and large Debris removal (depending on project needed)

Blackwell Reservoir

-Articulated Block Installation and Embankment Revitalization-

At Blackwell it was our job to prepare embankment for articulated block installation. We removed debris, stripped top soil, placed fill in low areas, removed excess fill, compacted and graded to a smoother finish per plans and specifications. We finished strong with placement of an anchor trench, backfill, then compacting and re-constructing the levee top and installing sod.

FPL-L31 Water Control Structure Installation

When doing this project, it was our duty to install three concrete water control structures in environmentally sensitive areas of the FPL Everglades Environmental Mitigation Bank. Work was around sensitive wildlife and fish habitats including the threatened species of salt water crocodiles. We excavated trenches, installed structures, did intake & discharge pipes, backfill and compact. We finished with the installation of gates and placement of riprap around inlets and discharge of pipes. We then placed sod and water.

Crocodile Sanctuary

FPL – Turkey Point Powerplant – Miami Dade

Here we constructed 9 Yearling Refugia and a 7 acre Nesting Habitat in FPL’s Everglades Mitigation Bank for a crocodile sanctuary. We excavated per lines and grades on engineering plans, blended existing soils with imported fill for a better habitat for the animals. This project was filled with extremely environmentally sensitive work hosting extensive environmental monitoring and oversight from multiple agencies. We went about our work smoothly, keeping the wildlife’s best interests in mind. Today, the Sanctuary is successful in all it’s endeavors towards protecting the species.

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