Community Outreach

As a company, we are very centered around our community and take part in a number of projects and events benefiting and supporting our surrounding neighborhoods. You can often see Blue Gooses’ name on projects developing native ecosystems and partaking in events promoting causes we support.

On event we take pride in is local Friends of NRA banquets, (see our logo placed on the the Okeechobee events banner that is pictured). This organization is dedicated to funding youth shooting sports education projects and more outdoors sportsman like occasions.

Blue Goose Construction and the Environment

Throughout our history, BGC has provided a multitude of services to the commercial, agricultural (, marine and governmental markets and those services require us to be constantly vigilant and conscious of the environmental impacts of our work.

We have an extensive Project Portfolio involving work for several Water Management Districts and Power Generation Facilities where the project scope covers work directly in or interfacing with wildlife sanctuaries, canals and / or basins that lead to the St. Lucie River, Saint John’s River, the Florida Everglades, Lake Okeechobee as well as the Atlantic Ocean.

BGC and our parent organization takes great pride in our environmental record and our commitment to the environment very seriously. We are experienced in the use, installation and control of sediment barriers, wetland buffers, turbidity controls, Stormwater Management Controls, Air Quality and Noise Controls, as well as Wildlife and Aviary Protection Controls .

We have a proven record of success in preserving the waterway conditions and protecting the aquatic life and wildlife indigenous to the work areas. BGC takes great care and precaution with our waterway works and protecting the environment through planning and controls. We plan and conduct our operations so as to avoid pollution or siltation of water bodies or to interfere with indigenous wildlife, its’ mating and germination cycles as well as harvesting cycles for work we do in the agricultural marketplace.