Grove Management

Harvesting over 4 million boxes of Florida fruit annually for clients, including 3 million cases of fresh fruit as well as juice fruit, Blue Goose Growers has become south Florida’s premier full-service professional crop and grove care company. We handle all day-to-day grove operations on behalf of our clients, furnishing not only management expertise, but also labor and machinery. Our clients are assured their grove is well cared for.

Our system includes

  • Preparation of annual crop budgets and horticulture plans to control costs.
  • Disciplined yearly farm program development and execution by our full-time farm managers.
  • Annual training for our certified farm chemical handlers.
  • Regulatory and permit management and compliance for our clients.
  • Coordination of harvesting and delivery of crop to the market.
  • Timely, detailed reports and specialized accounting services for quality and cost control.
  • Interest bearing grove accounts.
  • Annual crop insurance review and implementation.
  • Short and long term plans for current grove conservation, restoration and capital improvements such as irrigation.
  • Complete peace of mind for our clients that their asset is being well taken care of and operated in a profitable manner.
  • Grove Maintenance and Development
  • Our 50 years of crop management experience include developing some of the most aggressive program disciplines in nutrition, pest control and water management available in the industry today to produce high quality fresh crops required by international markets. Blue Goose Growers expertise is not only in maintaining existing groves, but also in developing new groves. The company has coordinated and managed the permits, construction and planting of thousands of grove acres from Native Florida scrubland and pasture.


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