Debris Removal

-North Saint Lucie River Water Control District-

The removal of anything potentially harmful to the environment is a top priority to us, debris removal included. Near the St. Lucie river, we installed approx 1500 tons of bank & shore (12″ to 30″) type of rip rap along 450′ of Ten Mile Creek. The area was environmentally sensitive and extreme care was needed not to damage or destroy any indigenous plants. We wanted to assist in the filtering of trash to the St. Lucie River Estuary.

We also offer a number of Hurricane relief projects like dewatering and large Debris removal (depending on project needed)

Blackwell Reservoir

-Articulated Block Installation and Embankment Revitalization-

At Blackwell it was our job to prepare embankment for articulated block installation. We removed debris, stripped top soil, placed fill in low areas, removed excess fill, compacted and graded to a smoother finish per plans and specifications. We finished strong with placement of an anchor trench, backfill, then compacting and re-constructing the levee top and installing sod.