Our experience with managing large tracts of land for agricultural development and production, where smaller margins and efficiency is key, has taught us that it is important to get the quality and work right the first time, but more importantly, do it efficiently.

At BGC, we subscribe to Profile Products 5 Keys to Establishing Vegetation:

1. Understand the Substrate – We soil test to determine soil pH, nutrient levels, and organic matter to ensure sustainable

2. Pick the Right Plant Species – We select plant species by site depending on intended use, maintenance expectations, and
environmental conditions.

3. Select the Correct Erosion Control Practice – We follow Profile’s Green Design Engineering™ Triangle to select the best.
product based on effectiveness, longevity, and vegetation establishment.

4. Ensure Proper Installation – We install products based on the manufacturer’s specification.

5. Conduct Inspection and Maintenance Activities – Our inspections only begin when we have completed a project. The
obvious post-installation inspection occurs; however, we routinely and regularly visit our past sites to ensure proper
vegetation establishment and erosion control effectiveness. These inspections occur at predetermined intervals and after
significant weather events.



In the Shop

We give home to a variety of equipment and tools, doing in house repairs on all our equipment and often fabricating what we need in our shop. We take pride in our unique abilities, from our long reach excavators to our vast amount of talented staff working to make every project a success.


In the Shop

Nortrax Spotlight

Just normal guys playing in the Dirt

“John Deere also has helped in the development of our extreme-reach excavator fleet with 100 percent duty 95-foot-long-reach excavator as well as several 75 foot-extreme-reach machines.”

– Scott Holmes, BGC Vice President

We pride ourselves on our ability to tackle difficult and unique projects. All of this is possible with the help of great connections we’ve made along the way, great relationships, and reliable equipment.

Learn more about our connection with Nortrax >>  Nortrax – Customer Spotlight

C-43 Reservoir

One of our main projects going on right now is with the state, we are working with the South Florida Water Management District in construction of the C-43 Reservoir/STA storm water treatment area and dam. Here, our duty consists of clearing, grubbing, demolition of 492 acres of existing citrus grove and natural landscape as well as the construction of 7 preloaded mounds 50 feet above the existing elevation.
Other elements of work include dewatering using perimeter ditch, riprap placement with filter fabric, providing and installing shell rock, grassing, culvert installation and construction of an office compound.


Relevancy: Heavy Equipment, Material Supply, Sod Installation, Ditch Bank Moving, Culvert Placement, Stump Grinding and Heavy Vegetation Control.




Extreme Long Reach Capabilities

Blue Goose ELR’s have a myriad of functions and capabilities. The charts below are representative of those capabilities.

60-foot 240 Excavator Production Reach Chart

70-foot 450 Excavator Production Reach Chart

Moore’s Creek Ft. Pierce

-Subcontractor to Lucas Marine Construction-

Here we installed 115,000 square feet of Armorflex ABS systems at various locations within the city’s drainage system. Our scope was to survey, install erosion control & monitor, strip undesirable material from surface area, fill voids with engineered fill and compact, grade to line and specs, place geotextile filter fabric, place ABS mats, grout around inlets and seams, grade embankment and top of slope to grade elevations, place fill into mats (blinding), & sod to conclude the project. We finished with installation of new mitered ends around existing pipe inverts.

Extreme Long Reach


Blue Goose Construction is making their fleet of EXTREME reach excavators, equipped with GPS computer grade systems, available to other contractors and clients on a rental basis. These specialized machines are well suited to assist with projects that necessitate equipment capable of excavating, cutting slopes, placing material and grading to extreme limits with GPS accuracy.

The Fleet

95ft, 70ft, & 60ft. EXTREME Reach Excavators

Our fleet consists of several John Deere D Series excavators with Tier III certified power plants. The extreme boom length varies by machine, with the 850D reaching 95, the 450D with a reach of 70 ft and several 240D’s that have a reach of 60 ft. Normally, lifting capacity of long reach excavators is sacrificed for extra boom length. The Blue Goose machines however, are customized with heavy lift kits and other specialized features which add to their lifting and handling capacity.
These new generation production class excavators not only provide increased lifting capacity, they were also designed and customized to deliver a higher level of production. For example, the Blue Goose extreme reach machines can hold a 10 ft wide bucket full of fill material (about 2 cubic yards) fully extended.
Additionally, their fast hydraulics and generous drawbar pull provide the power and production needed for the special applications they were designed for.

GPS Precision & Quality Control

The customized GPS Computer Aided Grade Systems deliver a high level of precision and provide the operator with a visualization of the bucket location in relation to the work. This feature can help the operator excavate areas, like under water, where the work being performed is not visible. The cab mounted computer and display can be accessed and monitored from a laptop computer on the job site, or off site if wifi is available, which allows for quality control personnel and engineers the opportunity to observe the work being performed in real time.
The reach of the booms, up to 95 ft, coupled with the ability to grade precisely utilizing their GPS systems makes these machines a useful tool for many projects.

Working Examples

Long Reach 2Currently, some of the machines are working on a channel revetment project at a nuclear power plant in south Florida.
It’s a design build project for Underwater Engineering Inc. as General Contractor and Greenman-Pederson, Inc. as engineer.
The project consists of a 300 ft wide mile long horseshoe-shaped canal filled with 25 feet of seawater. Each embankment is 135 feet long with a 3:1 slope, two thirds of which is under water.
The embankments are being prepared to receive articulated concrete block mats. Extreme reach excavators are being used to create the desired slopes and grades by moving excess material to areas where the hydraulic dredge could access it to be pumped out and placing/compacting fill material into low areas.
Excavators working from barges and from the top of the embankment are grading to the engineers exacting specifications derived from the CAD drawings.


Dredging these machines is also a great compliment to dredging projects that require sloping (grading of slopes), grading around structures and reaching into areas inaccessible to dredges.
Dredge heads may also be attached to the booms of these machines which would allow you to perform pin point dredging around piers and other structures where access by normal dredges is limited.


These extreme reach excavators are available on a monthly rental basis which provides other contractors and clients access to these special machines, even for smaller projects, where purchasing and availability is not an option. Because the operation of this equipment is highly specialized, a trained operator will be provided to operate the machine at the customer’s direction.
The machines can also be shipped to pre-approved destinations outside the US.

Other Services

Additionally, the Blue Goose Construction team is available for those specialized projects that require hands on solutions to complex problems. From consultation to project implementation and management, their experience in this specialized line of work can be a valuable asset to those looking for a resource to fit their special application.

Put the Blue Goose Extreme Experience to Work for You.

Extreme Long Reach