Hurricane Relief

Being centered in tropical South Florida has a lot of perks for our type of work, we can work all year round and the soil is good. Unfortunately with perks comes consequences, in most recent cases: Hurricanes. Florida has been hit with some historic hurricanes in the past 100 years, destroying farmland, homes, and even entire towns as they blow over the Sunshine State. Most recently we survived what has been documented as the largest hurricane to make landfall in United States History, and while Florida fared better than predicted, disaster still struck, leaving millions without power, ran thousands from their homes, and left hundreds homeless, not including residents of the historic Florida Keys, who were hit hardest by the devastation.

We have always been about lending a hand to our surrounding areas, using our variety of equipment and personnel to assist where we can in restoring Florida back to normalcy. Large debris cleanup, dock rebuilding and marine restoration are just a few of the services we provide in this area.

Pictured is a flooded area we are dewatering after Hurricane Irma 2017.