North Hutchinson Island Waste Water Treatment Plant

Here, we did an expansion of the wastewater treatment plant as a sub-contractor for the Summit Group. Our work included the demolition of existing drainage, Odor Control system, installation of Floating Aerators, and Metal buildings. Digester covers a distribution channel, piping and Nitrate Pumps were all added. The Construction of an asphalt parking area, drainage, all piping necessary to support two Clarifiers, covered Aerobic Digesters, and a Reuse tank allowed for smooth pumping. Reject tanks, Disc filters, a Lime Slurry Tank and a Control/Blower Bldg were all also installed, all of which improved effluent water quality which allowed the plant to treat a larger amount of waste water per day. This allowed the plant to run more efficiently and doubled the volume of treated waste water pumping to a nearby golf course for irrigation purposes.